Our Story

A Lifelong Friendship:
From Dropping Beats to Better Eats

In the vibrant music scenes of Manchester, London and South America, two DJs, Gareth Lloyd and Greg Vickers, spun tracks that got the crowd moving. But beyond the beats, they shared a deeper connection: a drive to reveal the natural treasures of forgotten lands and share that goodness with the rest of the world.

Setting their turntables aside, they embarked on a new adventure: White Lion Foods. Growing into a top-tier harvester, processor, and exporter of purple garlic and Amazonian Brazil nuts, they realised their passion wasn't just about being a supplier.

It was about the blend of unmatched quality, sustainability, doing good in the world, and the audacity to take on challenges that many deemed impossible that excited them.

And so… Truly Nuts! was born, ensuring that individuals around the globe could get a tasty, healthy snack directly from the source.

Innovation is at the Core

What's a revolution without a bit of disruption? When faced with challenges in the Brazil nut venture, Greg and Gareth didn't back down. Instead, they built the world's premier Brazil nut facility, turning setbacks into snack-tacular success without selling out their commitment to sustainability and working with local Amazon communities.

And those who said savory flavored Brazil nuts were an impossible dream? Well, they made it a reality in just 9 months. That's the power of audacity and innovation.

A Deeper Purpose

Beyond the quality flavors and innovation lies a deeper purpose. Giving back is more than just words for them. From building homes in Lima's shanty towns to ensuring the well-being of their Amazonian harvesters and local communities, their commitment to making a positive impact is unwavering. For Gareth and Greg, it wasn't a question of 'if' they should support this region, but rather 'how much' could they contribute.

So they ensure fair wages, paying factory workers above market rate and never on minimum salary, ensuring they live a prosperous life. Plus, they prioritize women's empowerment and offer workshops, training, access to healthcare, and opportunities for career advancement.

And they donate 25% of all of their profit to being Guardians Angels of the Planet.

What's Next?

Truly Nuts!TM is currently available in the UK and USA and soon to launch in Singapore, Middle East, South Korea, Australia, and the rest of Europe. But our journey is just beginning. With plans to expand our product range and take Truly Nuts! global, the future is more exicing than ever!

Tune In For Launch Updates!

Meet the Founders

Gareth Lloyd

Greg Vickers

Gareth Lloyd

Gareth Lloyd has carved a formidable path in the world of international entrepreneurship. With a portfolio spanning over two decades and 30 entities in 18 countries, Gareth's expertise encapsulates an array of sectors, from commodities to tech, recruitment to agriculture, and consumer goods to Agri-tech.

Gareth's journey began at the University of Manchester in 1997, where he met friend and business partner Greg Vickers as two DJs in Manchester’s legendary electronic music scene. After graduation, he moved into recruitment, eventually starting a consulting and staffing business in 2006. Gareth's role as Co-Founder and Director propelled the Amoria Group into a global leader in consulting, staffing, and human capital, serving the technology, engineering, and energy sectors across 40 countries.

In 2012, Gareth and Greg embarked on a ground-breaking venture by co-founding White Lion Foods, a global Agri-tech group headquartered in Singapore. Under his and Greg's leadership, White Lion Foods swiftly became the world's leading processor of Brazil nuts, exporting to over 50 countries. From White Lion Foods, the wild new healthy snack company Truly Nuts! was born. The business offers the world's first savoury flavoured Brazil nut snacks as well as allocating 25% of its profits to the planet, marking a significant step toward creating positive change in the world.

Having co-founded Amoria Bond Charitable Trust in 2009, a registered charity dedicated to alleviating child poverty and enhancing education, Gareth's business philosophy can be encapsulated in a single, powerful statement: "Make humanity healthier, bring wealth to the communities we serve, and leave Earth in better shape than we found it."

Greg Vickers

Greg Vickers’ academic journey took him to Manchester University, where he met friend and business partner, Gareth Lloyd. His passion for dance music flourished into a successful DJ career, where nights at the renowned Sankeys Soap and performances at Glastonbury showcased his talent globally. However, his heart was drawn to Brazil.

Amidst Brazil's vibrant culture, Greg's entrepreneurial spirit shone. He co-founded White Lion Foods with Gareth, revolutionising the Latin American food industry. Starting with garlic exports from Peru, White Lion Foods swiftly became the largest exporter in 2014, empowering thousands of workers.

Greg and Gareth soon ventured into Brazil nuts, establishing a thriving operation in Puerto Maldonado. His expertise, honed through years of hands-on involvement in land acquisition, facility construction, and recruitment, solidified White Lion Foods as a market leader in quality and service. By 2020, White Lion Foods became the leading exporter of Brazil nuts from Peru, reaching over 50 countries.

Under Greg and Gareth’s visionary leadership and despite the doubters, 2023 saw the launch of Truly Nuts!, an innovative line of healthy Brazil nut-based snacks that have pledged 25% of profits back to the Amazon and other global projects. Greg’s initiatives not only transform the business landscape but also contribute significantly to the well-being of the local communities, emphasising the power of compassion and commitment in shaping a better future for all.